Why my check engine light is on?


Check engine light turns on when computer on your car detects a malfunction. Sometimes the fix can be very simple like a loose gas cap or serious like an engine misfire. In order for the light to be turn off you need to visit a repair shop for a proper diagnostic. 

Do not ignore the light. This can lead to more serious  problems depending on the malfunction. Some people put a black tape or picture over the dashboard light and keep on driving. Please avoid it.


Some of the common reasons for the light to be on are: 

Oxygen Sensor, Spark Plugs,  Ignition Wires, Coils, Mass Airflow Sensor, Vacuum Leak.

Our Mobile Mechanic will plug a scanner into diagnostic port and read the trouble codes that stored in the computer. The trouble code will give the mobile mechanic technician a starting place as he diagnoses the cause of the problem.