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Mobile Brake Repair San Diego County, Poway, Vista, Santee

Why brakes are squealing?

Squeaky brakes means they are not working properly


 They are multiple reasons why drum brakes or disc brakes can make noise. Common problems are: heat cracked or glazed brakes pads, brake dust, improperly adjusted drum brakes, hot spots on rotors etc. Squeaking brakes is most commonly caused by the brake material being worn down below the minimum specifications. If the wrong brake pad material is used this also can cause noise. 

If brakes are worn below manufacturing specifications or wrong brake pads material was used, they need to be replaced.


How much does a brake repair cost?


It all depends on the car and model you drive. Typically a brake job for European cars (Mercedes Jaguar Porsche etc.) will cost more than the American and Japanese cars. The cost and quality of the brake pads can very depend on the friction material that is made with. They are organic, semi-metallic or ceramic materials all of which have different performances and price.

Brake Repairs in San Diego 

If you have faulty brakes or brake pads, it is important to get them fixed or replaced with only the highest quality equipment. The brakes are what keep you and your vehicle safe, so you should only trust respected mechanics who use premium products. We have experienced and trained mechanics who are ready to do whatever it takes to get your car running like new at an affordable price. Best of all, our mechanics come to you, so you can get your car serviced whenever and wherever it is convenient, no tow truck needed!

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