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Why are my brakes making a grinding noise?


Driving with squeaky brakes is hard. Some of the reasons as why  brakes could squeak are: lock of lubrication, brake dust or road contamination, improperly adjusted drum brakes, brake material cracks after excessive heat, hot spots on rotors etc. Squeaking brakes is most commonly caused by the brake material being worn down below the minimum specifications. If the wrong brake pad material is used this also can cause noice. 

If brakes are worn below manufacturing specifications or wrong brake pads material was used, they need to be replaced.


How much does a brake job cost?


It all depends on the car and model you drive. Typically a brake job for European cars (Mercedes Jaguar Porsche etc.) will cost more than the American and Japanese cars. The cost and quality of the brake pads can very depend on the friction material that is made with. They are organic, semi-metallic or ceramic materials all of which have different performances and price.

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